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Rell wants to close the state's budget gap by cutting aid to cities and towns by $84 million


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Governor Rell has unveiled her plan to close the state’s budget gap – it includes cutting aid to cities and towns by 3% or $84 million.

The cuts are part of a “deficit mitigation plan” – prompted by a $470 million dollar shortfall. While many agencies that help the sick and needy say the overall cuts of more that 330 million will affect many residents – the people who lead municipalities are wondering how they’ll pay for other essential services, like police, fire, trash, parks and repairs.

Today, Where We Live, we’ll check in with newly-elected mayors and first selectmen about how these cuts will affect their towns. We’ll also ask these civic leaders about their visions for their communities – and how towns and cities can compete, cooperate, survive and thrive in Connecticut.



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I don't understand why we ever stopped collecting tolls on our interstate highways. We should bring them back.  It is so amazing to travel out of CT and have to pay tolls in so many other states.