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Mayor Eddie Perez surrenders himself on charges of bribery


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Yesterday's show featured a continuation of our "State of the Cities" series, where we talk with mayors of the state's largest communities.  We sat down for an hour with Eddie Perez, Mayor of Hartford.  We talked about progress the city's making on curbing crime, revamping education, and attracting business.  I asked the mayor whether any of this progress was being hampered by a nearly two-year long corruption investigation.  Here's how he answered: 

"People understand that the work needs to go on.  I'm doing the job and I'm going to get the job completed.  I got a three years balance to this term.  I'm focused on the emergencies and the big things that face the city today and I'm going to get the job done".

Today, the news has changed and Mayor Perez will walk into a state police barracks and surrender himeslf on bribery charges.  For details, we go to Hartford Courant reporter Jeffrey Cohen - who, along with colleague Mark Pazniokas, broke the story in the paper today.

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