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WWL: Ambassador Mark Hambley
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Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington right now


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Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington right now, visiting with President Obama and top administration officials

The meeting is focused on peace talks amidst continued Israeli-Palenstinian conflicts. This comes after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized Israel as they announced more housing units in East Jerusalem.  She also said the U.S. would not tolerate a nuclear armed Iran, something Israel and their supporters are happy to hear.

Meanwhile, progress on elections in Iraq are halted as the President and interior minister are calling for a ballot-by-ballot recount.

Joining us in studio today, Ambassador Mark Hambley is a veteran of more than thirty years in the U.S. diplomatic service. He’s served eleven postings in nine Middle Eastern countries, including Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. He’ll join us to talk about the Middle East, including his recent trip to Iraq where he was observing elections - and about his upcoming World Affairs Council talk Yemen As the New "al-Qa'ida" Launching Pad: The Trials and Tribulations of an Ancient Middle Eastern State

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