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WWL: Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Michael Fedele is now a candidate for the state’s top job


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Michael Fedele is a Stamford businessman, and the 107th Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut – now he’s a candidate for the state’s top job.

Michael Fedele was a relative unknown statewide when Governor Jodi Rell tapped him to be Lt. Governor. Now, with Rell stepping down after next years elections, he stands to be in the thick of the race.

His strong ties to Fairfield County will put him in competition with other downstate Republicans thinking about running, including House Minority Larry Cafero, and Senate Minority Leader John McKinney.

Today, Where We Live, a conversation with Mike Fedele about Connecticut’s economy, it’s plan for the future, health care reform, and his political aspirations.

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