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WWL: Kevin O'Connor
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Former Justice Department Official returns to his Connecticut roots.


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Former US Attorney Kevin O'Connor took a job as Chief of Staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez during the height of controversy surrounding the Department of Justice. At the time, Gonzalez was facing criticism over the firing of seven US Attorneys--allegedly for political reasons....as well as controversial decisions about torture, indefinite detention of so-called enemy combatants and domestic wiretapping. O'Connor has called the firings "outrageous" - but says the department functioned well during that time. Today on Where We Live  we'll talk with Kevin O'Connor about his career with the US Attorneys Office, his time in Washington, and the legal future of Bush Administration policies under new Obama leadership.

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Gonzalez, etc

O'Connor, like many former Bush officials, speaks of "serving at the pleasure of the Preident." Did he & his colleagues at the Justice Dept. take an oath? Was that oath to the president? Or was that oath to uphold the Constitution?