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Health care is at the top of the agenda for the Obama white house – and Congress


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Health care is at the top of the agenda for the Obama white house – and Congress.

Second district congressman Joe Courtney has been talking about health reform in the district. Today, where we live – we’ll talk to Courtney about prospects for a “public option” – and how much health care in America will really change.

We’ll also talk military spending, the impact of stimulus money on the states – and what he’s hearing from his district about the state of the economy.

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Thank you for your two recent shows on healthcare reform this week. I believe it has created an initial framework for this very important issue. However, your show has provided a forum for only two voices when I believe there to be at least four voices that need to be heard. The first guest was from the profit-making sector of the healthcare industry, Aetna Insurance President Mark Bertolini. The second show, aired today, provided a member of Congress, Joe Courtney of the 2nd District, to express his views that ultimately place him on the fence between his constituents and his corporate campaign sponsors.
What remains are the two critical groups involved in healthcare. One would be the healthcare providers, doctors and nurses, and the other are healthcare recipients, the patients and people. In fact, these two groups mentioned are the essential core of the debate. In fact, there is no healthcare debate without them.
I propose that you invite onto your show in the next week a respected member of the medical community who resides and practices in Connecticut. And the person I would encourage you to invite is Dr. John R. Battista of New Milford. He is a graduate of Princeton, of Stanford, and the University of California. As the President of the Connecticut Coalition of Universal Health Care, he is an expert on the issues surrounding universal healthcare, and would best represent the medical community. And as to the people of Connecticut, they, as always, continue to be allowed a voice by calling in and expressing ideas and questions to all of your guests. They would also be well served by Dr Battista's inclusion, as it is widely polled across the country that the American people want a single payer/universal healthcare for everyone.
I do not think that anyone can disagree that healthcare is a vital issue today and for the future of our children. It should be a human right, not a privilege and the right plan needs to be created while we have this opportunity to provide for all Americans.  The same question needs to be answered by all parties; What will provide the most efficient and effective care monetarily and medically to all Americans?
I have great respect for you as a journalist and find your show a solid resource for the matters that confront us in these times. I hope that you will give my ideas serious consideration and look forward to your response. 
Michael Bergeron