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WWL: Jim Himes on Afghanistan
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Congressman Jim Himes is back from a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan


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Congressman Jim Himes is back from a fact-finding trip to Afghanistan. He’s been talking about his findings in a series of town-hall meetings.

Himes had heard from a wide range of Fairfield County constituents – many upset about President Obama’s plan for the war. Himes says he’s still getting information, and hasn’t fully made up his mind, but the anger is starting to sound a lot like what surrounded the Iraq war, only a few years ago.

Today, Where We Live, Himes tells us what he’s learned – and what action he supports in Afghanistan.

We’ll also talk about health care reform - not surprisingly, a very hot topic at these same forums.

We’re broadcasting live from the studios of WVOF at Fairfield University - and you can join the conversation, Where We Live, right after this news.

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Listener Email from Nina

"the bad guys" ??? can we at least stop using baby talk. i guess the congressman has to say what he thinks will get him support for the next election. but otherwise it is ridiculous to act as if there is nothing wrong with an american policy that requires 400 k official soldiers and/or mercenaries in other people's countries. is it really impossible to acknowledge that and still get elected?

Listener Email from Sean

It is refreshing to have such an honest and thoughtful Congressmen.

You said in your interview that #1 for you was what your constituents think/want. Some of these issues are so complex that it’s not clear “your constituents” know what is best. What do you do when your belief of what is best for America and Connecticut is not in line with the signals you’re getting from your constituents?