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WWL: It's a Resolution Show!
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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88% of New Years resolutions end in failure


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Look, I don’t want to dash your hopes here, but 88% of New Years resolutions end in failure.

This year, the Where We Live team is aiming to be part of that 12% that end in success!

Today – it’s our annual New Years resolutions show.

Producer Libby Conn tries to kick her internet addiction (right after she creates a new Twitter account); Senior Producer Catie Talarski looks for simple, healthy recipes for a party of one (before once again reverting to the old pretzel-and-peanut-butter dinner);

I’m going to try to reduce my stress with tips from the pros - and we’ll hear from Yale’s Ian Ayres, who’s come up with an innovative way to make promises you’ll stick to.

Join the conversation – what are your new years resolutions?



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