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WWL: The Impact of the Casinos
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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For nearly twenty years, the Indian casinos have brought in billions of dollars to Connecticut


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Connecticut’s two casinos are reporting a drop in slot revenue last month compared to this time last year – but they still bring in big money to the state.

Despite a nine percent decrease at Foxwoods, and a six million dollar shortfall at Mohegan – the state still took in almost 30 million dollars from the casinos. It’s money the state has come to rely on – especially as tax revenues dry up.

The casinos have also added thousands of jobs to Southeatern Connecticut - but it’s not all good news. Connecticut's dependence on gambling revenue for the state budget is double the national average and among the highest of any state in the country. Embezzlement arrests have risen 400% since Foxwoods opened in 1991 - and the casinos have a drastic impact on the surrounding towns. The town of Norwich has 400 students speaking 20 languages. Today, where we live we’ll talk about the findings of a new report on “The Impact of Gambling in Connecticut” - Join the conversation.

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Listener Email

I'm recovering compulsive gambler and Connecticut don't need more gambling even Russia shut down all casino. In an article by Prof Gringos you can see that casino don't bring jobs but they bring crime and low paying jobs..

Professor Earl L. Grinols, Dept. of Economics, University of Illinois "For many, gambling merely transfers dollars from one pocket to another without creating a tangible product. Some gamble for recreation (such gamblers are presumably provided recreation value for their lost dollars), but many gamble to acquire money. Instead of creating a product or offering a service to earn money, this second group of gamblers doesn’t accomplish anything and yet expects to acquire money. The more people there are who gamble to acquire money, the poorer society is. If everyone gambled to acquire his money, we would all starve."

Your argument could be said

Your argument could be said about the stock market as well.

Listener Email from Joe

Where has the concept of personal responsibility gone? The state is not forcing anyone to gamble. I see this as a voluntary tax and it is a good thing as the poor do not contribute to the tax roles in any other way.

Thanks Joe - East Haven

You brake it you own it

In response to previous post "Where has the concept of personal responsibilty gone?"

The government is to protect its citizen not provide them very addictive product, and saying the poor don’t pay tax so gambling is the way for them to pay tax then why not call it tax.  Also you should ask your self do the State gain from gambling I think not do the math look the state budget before gambling and after gambling how come we are not better of then.  Gambling all it does is take money from one pocket transfer to another pocket and the middle man takes up to 70% or more.