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WWL: Icons and Iconoclasts
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"The Catholic Church is a diseased patient in need of a cure."


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Christopher Meade served as a priest in the Hartford archdiocese for nine years.  Meade left the priesthood when he could no longer reconcile the humility and love that he says are central to the Catholic faith, with the hypocricy he saw infecting the heirarchy. But, he says, this moment of turmoil could actually be blessing in disguise for the church and that the same things that drew him to the Catholic faith should help the church transcend the current crisis. Coming up, we'll talk with Meade about his own journey, and about what he calls “the two vital faces of Catholic culture: 'dynamism and dysfunction.”   Meade's new book is called Icons and Iconoclasts: How Secrecy and Denial Shattered the Catholic Church's Prestige and How it Can Recover.

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