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Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Newspapers can’t cover local communities the way they once did…so who steps in? 


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Newspapers can’t cover local communities the way they once did…so who steps in?

It's a confusing time in the news business. We're stuck somewhere in between How Things Used To Be and Whatever Comes Next, but online publications are testing a variety of business models and content strategies. One of the biggest? The hyper-local news site. Wanna know about a town council meeting? An important zoning plan? A community fair? Just log on... or better yet, get involved in reporting the news.

Some sites, like the New Haven Independent have taken it a step further – breaking investigative stories and going where newspapers can’t.

Join the conversation - Where do you go to get reliable news about your community? How should new media ensure that what they're doing is good journalism?

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Listener Email from Mary

Please note that because the local environment is so woefully under reported by the established media - either because upper management and editors dismiss the significance of local environmental news, and/or because local environmental news stories require investigative reporting that may not seem as sexy or career building as stories about pristine monumental natural places (Alaska, or Mt everest) - local environmental non-profits have to print local environmental news in their own newsletters. Yet that news only reaches members and enviromentalist, which generates a problem of unaware general population.

Hyper-local news for women

I came up with the idea to start an online magazine for women in the Greater Hartford area in the middle of this past summer. Once I had the plan in place I began to search for models to follow for layout purposes - that's when I came across the term "hyper-local" and immediately said "Yes, that is IT! That is what I want to be." The potential for growth is there and, even though there are quite a few of us now in the Hartford Market we all have staked out a different niche and this leaves room for all of us.