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WWL: Coming Home to No Home
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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One in every three homeless adults in the United States has served in the Armed Forces.


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On his recent visit to Iraq, President Obama told a group of servicemen that “we all share the shame of 154,000 veterans going homeless on any given night.” And, according to numbers from the Department of Defense, those numbers could be even higher. 

With an increasing number of veterans returning to a decreasing number of jobs—servicemen and women find themselves subject to the same pressures and risks as all Americans during the downturn...and then some. Prolonged separation from family and friends, post traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse are just some of the things putting our veterans on the streets.

Today on Where We Live, we'll talk about what we can do about it. Join the conversation with veterans and health care professionals. How should Connecticut be taking care of it's veterans? Leave comments below.

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