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WWL: Gone Fishing
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The story of fisherman at sea is one of our most iconic tales--but could it be near its end?


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Today's episode originally broadcast on 3/12/2010.

Fish is one of the few foods left that people hunt.  Think about that.

While most of our food is grown--usually far awa--under tightly controlled conditions, most of the fish we eat is still captured by men and women who take enormous risks.  Throughout the world, that livlihood has been threatened, with only a few major fishing ports left on our shores.

But while the fisherman's story for survivial is compelling, so is the story of the fish themselves.  Some scientists predict a pending catastrophe of overfishing.

Today, Where We Live, three fish stories: the men who catch them, the business that draws them out to sea, and the crisis that threatens an industry worth billions.


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