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It's never easy being green.


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Today's program originally aired on 2/5/2010.

Today on the show we’ve got a series of conversations about environmentalism and the changing culture surrounding what it means to be “green.”  We’ll talk with two Yale Students back from their first Climate summit in Copenhagen and with a philosopher trying to understand the increasingly common phenomenon of “green guilt.”  We’ll also talk with Colin Beaven, known to many as “No Impact Man” about his quest to radically shrink his carbon footprint. We’ll find out how his experiment impacted his work, his weight, and his wife.

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listener comment from Llyn

Let's not pretend that going green is all about angst and guilt.  It costs A LOT to safely close out a muni dump, buy land for a new dump, and lay down the foundation that will seal it.  Why should we spend tax dollars and waste more land because some people are too lazy to recycle?   Why should we have to pay more money for water in the future because some companies are too careless with their waste?  People should be angry that more people aren't "green," not studying "greenies" as if they're emotionally fragile.