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WWL: The Future of the GOP
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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A new wing of the Republican Party is looking forward to a different kind of GOP


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Republicans may still be stinging from losses in the last year's election - but a new wing of the party is looking forward to a different kind of GOP.

As FOX News roils with tea party protests, and political pundits clash over who's really leading conservatives today - Glenn Beck?  Sarah Palin? - the book Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream, presents a different vision for the Republican Party:  To win the loyalty of the working-class voters and solidify a party based on policy, not identity.  

Today, Where We Live, a discussion on the future of the Republican Party in Connecticut and around the country.  We'll talk to young conservatives who are trying to "rebuild" the party.

Join the conversation!  Are you a Republican voter?  What direction do you want the party to go?

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The National Council for a New America

I was disappointed that this show did not include a discussion of The National Council for a New America.

The Republican Party, minus social conservatism. Best chance for success, long term.

Listener Email from David

Republicans need to be honest...… and the democrats need to be more aggressive.

Even these relatively tame GOP spokespersons have clearly chugged the Kool Aid. The facts are that:

- you can go back to WW II and in every republican administration, spending goes up and the economy gets worse.

- the GOP cannot deny clear racist undertones in a broad swath of policy, legislation, and attitude.

- 9-11 happened under their watch. You can’t try to be a bully and then whine when the little kids fight back.

I could go on, but my BP is increasing too much. I think I’ll go donate to the Democrats now.

The GOP and the family...

The GOP, and its economic policies have to bear a significant blame for the destruction of the working class family, as their policies have been such as to promote economic insecurity for many of them.


In other words, if the GOP wants to promote traditional families, start supporting workers ahead of CEO's