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WWL: The Evolution of God
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Anyone who’s read the Bible or the Koran can tell you: God is…moody


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Since ancient times the God of scripture has been at times vengeful and wrathful—and at other times loving and compassionate. Author Robert Wright says that, even for the non-believer, there is a hidden message in these vacillations—a message with the potential to lead a modern, technological, global civilization towards a more peaceful existence. Today, Where We Live,  We’ll talk with Wright about his new book The Evolution of God. We’ll explore how religion interacts with foreign policy, scientific discovery, and moral understanding.

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*This program originally aired on July 27, 2009.

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Listener Email from Meg

I am a regular church-goer.  For me, religion is about the arts.  The beauty in great architecture and music and ritual draws me in ways other parts of life don't.
I also believe in critical thinking, and I bring that to my living.
I am very frustrated that public discussions about religion in American seem to focus on morality and/or emotional security as the primary virtues of religion.
Thank you.