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Rights and responsibilities for employers and employees trying to navigate the recession.


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The changing economy makes it more important than ever for employers and employees to know their legal rights and responsibilities.  Layoffs, furloughs, severance packages---there are laws about all of these things. Attorney and employment law blogger Daniel Schwartz returns to the show today to talk with us about important laws governing the workplace in these uncertain times.

We'll also talk about how social media is changing the corporate landscape and how companies can come up with sensible guidelines for workplace use, rules that respect privacy and rely on personal responsibility.

Leave your questions and comments below.  Has the recession revealed questions you didn't know you had about employment law?

Today's program originally aired on September 1, 2009.

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Listener email from Laura

I work for a company that recently mandated a 20-hour per week limit on all part-time workers.   In the past, many of us worked between 25 and 32.  (No reason was given and so far the HR office has not given specific information on the reason for the new rule).  Is there any new law that you know of that would have made this necessary?   Our part-timers are not entitled to benefits.... I know there was a proposal in the legislature that would have required companies to extend some benefits like paid time off, to part-time hourly workers.

Listener email

I am hearing your guest saying, he talks to alot of employers and what he encourages to employers. On the connecticut employment law blog it reads, If you choose to provide us with your personal information, WE MAY TRANSFER that information, within the law firm OR TO A THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDER as necessary. what does that mean?