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WWL: Elizabeth Warren on Financial Reform
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Would an independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency have prevented the financial meltdown?


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When the Senate returns next week after a two week recess—they’ll take up financial reform. Stuck in committee for months, Senator Chris Dodd finally unveiled a bill that, among other things, calls for the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency within the Federal Reserve. Some worry that the legislation won't do enough to put an end to “too big to fail” and the culture of bank bailouts. Bankers, on the other hand, say financial reform will jeopardize the soundness of banks. Today, we'll talk with Elizabeth Warren. She’s a professor of Law at Harvard University and is the chairwoman of the TARP Oversight Panel. She says the Senate basically faces a choice between banks and families.

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Financial Reform is a Sham

Nothing will happen, other than political theatrics.  <a href=http://tastethecloud.com/content/financial-reform-are-they-kidding><b>HERE</b></a> is a post that talks about the WTO and the FSA agreement signed by Clinton  in the 90s, this was the start of the financial meltdown and severely limits our government’s ability to create financial reform of any kind.