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WWL: Dodd is Out
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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After 30 years in the Senate, Chris Dodd says he will not seek re-election


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After 30 years in the Senate, Chris Dodd says he will not seek re-election.

Dodd’s announcement comes as Democrats in Connecticut start an election year – with the real possibility that they wouldn’t be holding the senate seat they’ve held for 46 years.

A group of well funded, and increasingly popular Republicans announced that they were running to take on Dodd – whose popularity had slipped to once unthinkable lows.

Now, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal - long thought to be a Senate hopeful, will announce his intention to run and try to preserve that Democratic seat.

Today Where We Live, we’re joined by analysts Bill Curry Mark Pazniokas and you - what do you think of Chris Dodd’s decision.



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Listener email from Paul

As a lifelong Democrat I regret the necessity of Dodd's decision and
wonder how we can best utilize his experience and other skills.   I
especially wonder what Bill thinks on this.

Also, as a active Democrat I can't doubt that Blumenthal will be an
active campaigner as he hasn't missed a rubber chicken dinner for the
last 20 years. 

Listener email from Shawn

As for Chris Dodd, it takes a big man to admit defeat, but it takes an 
even bigger man to be able to read the handwriting on the wall and do 
the right thing for his party long before the election.

Dick Blumenthal has shown himself to be a strong advocate for the 
people and I predict that he will completely run over whichever sort 
of strawman candidate the Republicans wind up nominating.

Listener Email from Amit

Very good points by Mr. Bill Curry on the facts behind all the “political cloud” Sen. Dodd is under. I wish he and the rest of the Democrats had been more vocal and organized in defending his record instead of beginning to look beyond him several months ago.

I got a 5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage on my house in Aug 2003 for exactly the same rate (of 4.5%) as Sen. Dodd got around the same period. I was just an ordinary citizen (in fact a green card holder at that time). Why did it take an expensive investigation to clear him of all those allegations of special treatment?

Has anyone wondered how this self-reinforcing cycle of Quinnipiac polls – adverse reporting by The Hartford Courant – Quinnipiac polls – reporting of Dodd being under a “political cloud” has influenced the perceptions of people?

The Democrats need to learn to unite and stand behind a person with such an excellent record.

Thank you.