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WWL: Debating Connecticut's Citizen's Election Program
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Debating the future of clean elections in Connecticut


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In last November's elections, more than three quarters of the candidates for state legislative office funded their campaigns with public funds---it was the fist election of its kind here in Connecticut, and perhaps the last.

A federal judge ruled late last month that Connecticut's Clean Election Program is unconstitutional – saying it’s unfair to third party candidates. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has already filed an appeal- saying that the decision is a mis-application of the constitution and could create significant legal obstacles to campaign finance reform efforts here and around the country.

Meanwhile, Green and Libertarian party officials who charge that Connecticut's system put heavier requirements on third party candidates are applauding the decision and calling on state legislators to fix the clean election law as soon as possible, to spare voters and taxpayers a lengthy appeals process.

Coming up, where we live, a debate about the public financing of Connecticut's elections. You can join the conversation-- leave your questions and comments below!

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Facebook comment from Deborah

We need to truly level the playing field, not just pretend to for appearance sake. As a minor party candidate who ran in 2008 I know how unfair the law is and will continue to be unless the General Assembly fixes it during the next session.  There is no such thing as separate but equal. Fix the law.