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WWL: Connecticut's Dairy Industry
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Connecticut's dairy industry struggles to stay competitive


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Connecticut’s dairy farmers say the industry is at a tipping point. Federally regulated milk prices are at record lows while the costs of production, especially in the New England, are higher than ever. Farmers get about a dollar for a gallon of fresh drinking milk these days. Meanwhile, it costs almost twice that much to produce a gallon of milk in Connecticut—which isn’t making for good business. Twelve farms shut down just last year.

Today on Where We Live, we’ll talk about the survival of Connecticut’s dairy industry—what it will take to keep farms running, and what it means for the state economy if the milk stops flowing. You can join the conversation. How important is the dairy industry to you? What's the best way to keep agriculture sustainable in the region? Should the state be involved in protecting farmers?

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 We need to remember that dairy farming and farming in general is important to the economic, social and 'bio'diversity of CT.