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"New taxes are like dirty dishes piled up in a dorm room sink."  -Phaneuf


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These days it seems nearly everyone in Connecticut is running for Governor. But if you look at the numbers, it’s a wonder anyone wants the job.

We’ve talked about the big deficit this year – that the current Governor Jodi Rell needs to find a way to fill. But then there’s billions in shortfalls over the next few years – with no clear plan in sight. Meanwhile, the state has been criticized for leaving billions of federal dollars from Washington on the table, while slashing services here at home.

Lawmakers have come up with some very creative ways to try to fill the budget holes – but most observers say it won’t be enough. Governor Rell skipped last week’s National Governor’s Association conference – a chance to make the case for Washington funding, instead concentrating on a new plan to “reshape government.” It’s a new task force that will work like the Base Closing and Realignment Commission. Confused yet?

Here today on Where We Live to set us straight are three reporters covering the daily grind at the Capitol: Christine Stuart of ctnewsjunkie.com, Keith Phaneuf of the Connecticut Mirror, and Greg Hladky of the Hartford Advocate.



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