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WWL: Connecticut Jobs, When?
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The "Great Recession" has claimed more than 80,000 jobs in Connecticut.


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More than 80 thousand Connecticut jobs have been lost to the recession. But job growth has stagnated here for nearly two decades.

The economic crisis has prompted lawmakers and others to focus anew on economic development out of sheer, dire, necessity. But many observers say the downturn has only exacerbated an already persistent Connecticut problem: Job loss. Today on Where We Live, we’re asking, “What do we do about it? What are the state’s strengths and how can we capitalize on them to be economically competitive now, and into the future?”

We’re joined by Sen. Donald DeFronzo who, along with a team of Senate Democrats have unveiled a plan to create 16,000 new jobs in the state. We’ll also talk with UConn’s Fred Carstensen, who urges that what the state needs is an overarching economic development strategy, not band-aid solutions. We’ll also check in with a state that’s beating us to the punch. According to CNBC and Forbes.com---Virgina’s not just for lovers anymore, it’s the best state in the country for business.


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