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WWL: From Cold War to an Age of Terror
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Does America need a new strategic brain trust?


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As the Obama administration considers a way forward in Afghanistan and Iran, history may provide some important lessons. Both Vietnam and the nuclear standoff of the cold war era are instructive as we try to understand how we got to where we are and what kind of strategies will and won’t work as we face different threats of a new generation.

Professor and author Jonathan Stevenson joins us today to talk about his new book Thinking Beyond The Unthinkable: Harnessing Doom From the Cold War to the Age of Terror. We’ll talk about the strategies that kept us from mutual annihilation during the 1950’s and the failures of thought that have led to our current predicament.

How should we address the non-traditional threats we face in The Taliban and Al-Queda—as well as the perhaps-burgeoning nuclear power in Iran? Is Afghanistan indeed a war of necessity?

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Email from listener Nina Sakun from Hartford

 my question was: how can the US that has militarized the whole region around  iran, has killed so many people there, has gone to iraq illegally on lies, now acts like it is the party that has the right to determine who is dangerous? we have gone thousands of miles from our sure with hundreds of thousands of soldiers  and then we say that iran is dangerous??? we have surrounded iran with soldiers and weapons and warships? they have not come to our shores. doesn't that make any difference?