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WWL: To The Class of 2009
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Commencement speeches and life after graduation


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It's one of the toughest speaking assignments a person can get. The Commencement Speech. So, what to say to the class of 2009?  Speech coach Joan Detz says that even the most seasoned speakers can get overwhelmed by the task…especially as they send graduates into an uncertain future. There’s so much to say. But you don’t want to say too much. It needs to be meaningful. But not heavy. Of the moment…but something you can long remember. And please…just don’t be boring! Today Where We Live, as graduates all over the state prepare to enter new, uncertain, phases of their lives, we’ll talk about the words we speak to mark the occasion.

We’ll also talk with one University of Hartford graduate, who’s taking his degree home to Afghanistan to make change there.

Join the conversation – what message did you get at your college graduation? What makes a really memorable commencement speech?

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