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Congressman Chris Murphy joins the conversation


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House Democrats rallied behind President Barack Obama to give him his first big victory – passage of a massive stimulus package.  But his plan met with opposition from Republicans and has been criticized for being both too big – and too timid.

Today on Where We Live, Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy joins us to talk about what the stimulus plan will do for Connecticut, and whether the tone in Washington has changed at all in the first days of his second term. We’ll also discuss his recent fact-finding trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan, his role on the Financial Services Committee, and his hopes for the clean energy industry.

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C. Murphy

I have a comment on C. Murphy's statement that 401k's became bloated. We were convinced 20 years ago that we should be responsible and save in 401ks. Those of us who were resonsible and did save did not see our 401ks get "bloated" Quite the contrary. Mr. Murphy should not take shots at behaviors that his constituents responsibly displayed. It reveals the attitude of most of the current politicians that it is responsible of them to give trillions away to the populace who exhibited the most risky behavior. It creates reverse moral hazard.