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WWL: Checking in on Haiti
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The quake in Haiti was the worst in the region in two hundred years


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After the initial shock and outpouring of support to the devastated country of Haiti, attention has shifted to the massive earthquake that rocked Chile last weekend.

The quake in Haiti was the worst in the region in two hundred years, and is estimated that costs could reach up to thirteen billion, with a death toll of more than two hundred thousand people.

Connecticut-based nurse Jane Boggini has been around the world, helping people in crisis, in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia with the group Doctors without Borders. She just returned from a trip to Haiti, where they opened up a tent hospital to treat victims. Coming up, we’ll talk to Boggini about conditions on the ground.

And, hear updates from Trinity professor and Haiti Expert Lesley Desmangles and President of the Haitian Health Foundation Dr. Jerry Lowney about the work they are doing with refugees in the remote villages outside of Port a Prince.

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