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The 2010 State Legislative Session saw begging, borrowing, budget battles, bats, and a bit of buck-passing


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The 2010 State Legislative Session has come to an end. It saw begging, borrowing, budget battles, bats, and a bit of buck-passing.

The $19-billion dollar budget avoids tax hikes and deep cuts to social services. It includes what Governor Rell calls a “comprehensive” and bi-partisan jobs bill. It closes a $700 million dollar deficit for the next fiscal year – and doesn’t cut state aid to cities and towns. So, what’s not to like?

Well, legislative Republicans say it doesn’t do anything to address big structural deficits in the coming years. Economists say it doesn’t do enough to make structural changes and spur economic growth. Many complain the deal is full of “gimmicks” and relies too heavily on borrowing and finger-crossing, as we await an economic recovery, and more federal aid.

Today, Where We Live, our reporters roundtable takes a look back at what got done, what got left out, and what’s next after Jodi Rell’s last session as Governor. And, we’ll talk to Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

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