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WWL: When Anger Strikes
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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"We cannot afford to govern out of anger." -President Obama


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A recent CNN survey asked Americans how they feel about the way things are going in the country.  Three out of four are ANGRY. They’re mad about bailouts and banks and Bernie. They’re mad about layoffs, vanishing savings, and health care. Leaders who don’t pay those pesky taxes—and those who would sell democracy to the highest bidder. Road rage. Rush Limbaugh. The list goes on. So what to do about it? Today on Where We Live we’ll talk about how anger works. A hard-wired emotion that exists to serve a purpose—what happens when functional anger directed at making productive change becomes dysfunctional and dangerous? We’ll look at how anger affects the most basic things: from the way we work together and make decisions to the way our hearts beat. Join the conversation. What makes you mad? How does anger affect your life? Leave questions and comments below.

*Today's program was originally broadcast on 3/6/09

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Wow. You've really outdone yourself. "When Anger Strikes" was deeply relevant, thoughtful, and timely. Thank you.