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WWL: American Mural Project
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Artist Ellen Griesdieck has turned her ideas into the largest collaborative artwork in the world


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Artist Ellen Griesdieck has long been drawn to the subject of Americans hard at work. She’s turned her ideas into the largest collaborative artwork in the world.

The American Mural Project started ten years ago as a way to celebrate the labor of engineers, iron workers, craftsmen, athletes and all sorts of ordinary Americans. The final project will be a gigantic, 3-D mural, stretching 120 feet wide and 5 stories high. But the story of it’s creation is even more amazing than its scale – a trip across the US, working in collaboration with creative professionals and countless students – more than 10 thousand people have worked on it so far.

When it’s done – the American Mural Project will be housed in a factory building in Winsted. For now, parts of it are on display at the Hartford Public Library.

Today, Where We Live, we’ll talk with creator Ellen Griesedeck about hard work, collaboration, education, and the inspiration of Jackson Pollock.

Photo slideshow by Chion Wolf

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