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WWL: Checklist Manifesto
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An idea with the potential to transform medicine?  Nothing fancy: a checklist.


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*This episode originally aired on January 4th, 2010.

When surgeon and author Atul Gawande was asked to lead a global project for the World Health Organization, his charge was simple: find ways to reduce deaths and complications in surgery.  Gawande researched a variety of fields and professions in his search for answers and found a humble, powerful tool, that when employed with care and diligence can save lives.  No fancy new technology, just a checklist. 

In his new book, The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right, Atul Gawande explores how an increasinlgy complex world has made commonplace the occurance of avoidable failures. The solution, he says, is surprisingly simple.


*Atul Gawande will be in New Haven, Connecticut on Friday, January 8th.  He'll give a talk hosted by RJ Julia Booksellers at The Study at Yale.  1157 Chapel Street, 7pm.



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Listener email from Quentin

I use David Allen's book Getting Things Done as my guide to (attempting) to maintain personal adherence to my own check lists.

Since I work for myself, without the GTD method I'd surely forget important steps in my own "operating room" procedures. 
Tools I use in addition to GTD are organizer software applications that automatically sync check lists, notes, schedules and more between my computer and iPhone. These are a big help.
Great topic. Many thanks,