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Bill Curry and Dean Pagani talk politics


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June 5, 2006 – WNPR started a new conversation with Connecticut.

Three years later, we’ve talked to thousands of politicians, pollsters, opinion leaders, big thinkers, researchers, and the curious and well-informed citizens of our state.

As Where We Live celebrates this milestone, we’re welcoming back our first guest, political analyst Bill Curry.  He’ll be joined by columnist and blogger Dean Pagani to talk state budgets, national politics and more.

We’re going to take a whirlwind look at a big week in state and national politics – from President Obama’s speech in the Middle East, to the controversy surrounding his first Supreme Court nominee, to a budget stalemate in Hartford.


Listener Email from Gordon

Dear Where We Live,

I am concerned that sales taxes collected by large national retailers at Connecticut store locations never get to the state. Congress is planning to place another bill in the next session to address this problem. What is the state of Connecticut able to do in the absence of Federal legislation? It is certainly more a state issue than Federal and the state should be able to address the problem.

At a time when Connecticut is facing massive deficits and reduction of services, it is unconscionable a cabal of out of state retailers hold our residents hostage to corporate profits.