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Women in Politics
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Just how hard is it for a woman to take center stage in what has always been a mans show?


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Shannon O'BrienShannon O'BrienAs the presidential race continues, so does the battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. A woman running for office...Senator Clinton has gotten flack for not showing enough emotion, and then showing too much. It was an emotional outburst before the New Hampshire primaries that many thought would break her.... but actually ended up giving her a boost.

Clinton supporter and former politician Shannon O'Brien understands what its like to be in the spotlight. Although little known in national politics, she ran a heated race against former presidential candidate Mitt Romney for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. She lost by only five percentage points - her campaign driven by a tough debating style.

The word "tough" - when applied to male politicians is almost universally seen as a positive. But as a woman, being tough and running for office can be spun into a negative. O'Brien's campaign against Romney brought that tension to the surface - with the Republican calling some of her statements "unbecoming."

Today, where we live, we'll revisit our conversation with Shannon O'Brien about her career in politics - and the dynamics of a male/female battle for political office.


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