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Windy City
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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In this episode:

Host of NPR’s Weekend Edition has recently written a new novel Windy City



NPR's Scott SimonNPR's Scott SimonNPR's Scott Simon has a new novel....celebrating his hometown of Chicago.  We'll talk about how journilism is turned to fiction.

Synopsis: The mayor of Chicago is found in
his office late at night, sitting in his boxer shorts, facedown dead in a
pizza. The mayor was a hero and a rascal: dynamic, charming, ingenious,
corruptible, and a masterly manipulator. The city mourns. But it's discovered
that the mayor was murdered-shortly after he may have begun to squeal on some
of his colleagues at City Hall. Over the next four days, police race to find
the mayor's killer, while the politicians who bemoan his passing scramble for
his throne.   At the center is Sundaran
"Sunny" Roopini, forty-eight, alderman of the Forty-eighth Ward, and
vice-mayor. Sunny is an Indian immigrant, a restaurant owner, and a recent
widower. He is getting tired of politics and wants to hold on just long enough
to do the best for his two restive teenage daughters. But as acting interim
mayor for a few days, Sunny must deal with forty-nine" "other"
"aldermen who have their own clashing ambitions.

As The
Last Hurrah embodied urban politics for a previous generation, "Windy City
"captures politics in the multiethnic tumult of today's big city, where a
stalled subway raises fears of a terrorist attack and smoke-filled rooms are
abolished by no-smoking statutes. The story takes a raft of colorful
characters-pinky-ringed pols, pious reformers, money-grubbers, and
wheeler-dealers of every creed, color, and proclivity-through City Hall
corridors, neighborhood restaurants and clubs, weddings, sex scandals, gospel
churches, police stations, and sting operations to deliver an ending that is
unexpectedly noble.

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