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Where We Vote: Rob Simmons
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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"This is not the time to give up and go home.  This is the time to fight." -Rob Simmons


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As democrats on Capitol Hill celebrate the passage of health care reform legislation, Republican Senate hopeful Rob Simmons is calling for a repeal.  The former 2nd district congressman stops by today as we continue our Where We Vote series here on Where We Live. Recent polls show that Simmons’ opponent for the Republican nomination, Linda McMahon, has pulled ahead. But Simmons is touting his experience – and using online videos to question McMahon’s experience as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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  It was DISHONEST to say


It was DISHONEST to say the least for Rob Simmons to imply that the "Cornhusker Kickback" and "Louisiana Purchase" made it into the final Health Care Refom Act as they were removed in Reconciliation!

They were REJECTED by every true Democrat and removed without the help of a single Republican I might add..

Democrats would not have been in the position of having to negotiate with Nelson and Landrieu if JUST ONE REPUBLICAN had stepped-up to the vote.

Yes, WE notice what your lies are Rob - and obstructionism will not help reform. It's too bad the press isn't paying closer attention to detail.


Where we vote-- Rob Simmons was correct

Instead , every state gets 100% of its medicaid impact paid for by the federal government, I mean the American taxpayer- for 2 years --  then they are on their own, and will have to raise taxesa at the state ;evel-- of course the taxpayer begins to pay that tab NOW-- with the benefits at least four years away -and of course we all know and accept the $100m Connecticut payola for UCONN Dempsey hospital-  does every state get a new hospital?


So,they weren't removed, they were expanded.