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Where We Vote: Oz Griebel
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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"If Connecticut doesn't have a hungry Governor, there are 49 other states that do."


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Oz Griebel's spent the last decade working on developing the Greater Hartford region. Now he's running for Governor. As part of our continuing Where We Vote series, we'll bring in the Republican and talk to him about his vision for the state. He's one of many running for the top office, touting his experience in the business sector and talking about new ways to add jobs. He's also spent time working on transportation issues. We'll talk with him about his ideas for rail and higways in Connecticut. You can join the conversation. Leave your comments here.

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Uconn Medical School

Kudos to Oz for recognizing what no one else has: we are losing a huge opportunity to revitalize our urban centers and support mass transit when we invest $300 million in the UConn Health Center in Farmington. Putting a new facility in Hartford would provide riders for new transit services and put jobs near housing. Many hospital support staff positions are lower-pay jobs that could provide upward mobility for city residents without a highway commute.