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Unpackaging the PACs
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Many political PAC's are used for more than just politics


The leadership PAC was born about thirty years ago, with a simple idea: To raise money for their parties and political allies in tough election fights. But, they realized something pretty important along the way - they can use this money for just about anything...fancy meals, travel, bar tabs - and the money can come from just about anywhere, including lobbyists and special interests.
Marketplace's Steve Henn did an investigation of leadership PACs - how they work - and how candidates use them - and came up with the eye-opening results - in his series "PAC Men."
Marketplace's Steve Henn with daughters Faye and EllaMarketplace's Steve Henn with daughters Faye and Ella
Today, Where We Live, we'll lift the veil on the world of political action committees with Steve Henn - and we'll talk about how Connecticut politicians are spending their PAC money.

Money photo by Tracy Olson.

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