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Understanding Health Care Policy
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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NPR's Julie Rovner joins us to talk Health Policy


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Health care policy is one of the major issues of the Presidential and congressional campaigns, but the language can often be too dense to understand.  This is why NPR Health Policy Correspondent Julie Rovner has updated her guidebook, Healthcare Policy and Politics A to Z. In it, she has explanations for more than 300 key concepts to demystify health care policy - and tricky concepts like Medicare, SCHIP, abstinence education and abortion. She'll also talk about the health care plans presented by the presidential candidates.


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I was surprised to hear the statistic that 52% of healthcare dollars are spent on 5% of the people.
I am sure that much of this is with the use of medicine and pharmacological products that are very
How can we, lower the cost of drugs, still promote competition and innovation and on top of it all,
employ future generations here in the United States?
Has it been Julie's experience that single point health care systems use US drugs in their systems?
which other countries purchase for less? and give to their citizens?  
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This is has been a great show.
Fred in Riverside, CT