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UConn President Mike Hogan
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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The University of Connecticut has seen an unprecedented expansion in recent years. What's next?


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UConn President Mike Hogan: Photo: George Goodrich UConn President Mike Hogan: Photo: George Goodrich
The man who is charged with taking UConn into the future is Michael Hogan,the new President of the University. He comes to the job from the University of Iowa, and comes to a school that is on the upswing in many ways. He's set a goal to move UConn into the top 20 public universities in the nation.

UConn has also transformed it's physical space, it's 21st Century initiative has added more than 9 million square feet of space, changing the rural town of Storrs into a small city, and more expansion is planned.

This building program is not without problems, though, it's been plagued by fire and safety code violations in the past, and criticism that there's not been enough oversight of the 20 year project.

Where We Live hosts a special program with President Hogan, live from the Student Union on Campus.

We'll talk about his career, the future of higher education in the state, and the future he sees for UConn.