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Twice as Good?
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What do we really know about Condoleeza Rice?


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Marcus Mabry's autobiography of US Secretary of State Condoleezza RiceMarcus Mabry's biography of US Secretary of State Condoleezza RiceAs we continue a Presidential campaign that includes a real possibility of the first African American, or the first woman, to be president, we're going to look at the life and career of a woman who many thought could be the first of both.

Condoleeza Rice has had a remarkable and controversial career. She has been deeply involved in US foreign policy, all the way back to the first Bush administration. What do we really know about Condoleeza Rice?

In his book, Twice as Good: Condoleeza Rice and her Path to Power, Marcus Mabry tackles this tough subject, a very private figure, who has been called "The Most Powerful Woman in the World."

His book traces her childhood to segregated Birmingham, Alabama, where she saw the horrors of racism up close, but carefully protected inside a tight family bubble.

He charts her failed dream to become a concert pianist, her unlikely role as a major player in the end of the Cold War, her controversial career in academia, and her leading role on the world stage as President George W. Bush's closest advisor.

We'll also look inside a new study that reveals deep concern among US diplomatic experts about America's image in the world.

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