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Traveling with Thoreau
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Where We Live follows in Thoreau's footsteps.


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Guest host Nancy Cohen talks to author Tom Slayton who followed Henry David Thoreau's footsteps to Cape Cod, Walden Pond, and Mount Katahdin - and wrote a book about it, Searching for Thoreau: On the Trails and Shores of Wild New England. We also talk to Thoreau scholar Bob Richardson and author Megan Marshall.



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listener email

Last Summer my son and I climbed Mt Katadin. We went up on the north side (and I think Thoreau went up from the south). Still it was wonderful and awesome.

When I got back I read his book MAINE WOODS. It was amazing to hear the same sorts of plants back then. In the process he explained the plants and terrain much better than I could known, so it really enhanced the experience.

Mostly though I loved his passages about the solitude and peace that exist up there in this wild world. I loved how they were so much more rugged than we are today. I loved how close I felt to nature and my son in the experience.

Geoff Meissner
Southington, CT