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Tensions with Syria
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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This week, President Bush put more pressure on Syria


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Syria has been in the news the last few weeks. First, for word that Turkey was helping to negotiate peace talks between Syria and Israel over the disputed Golan Heights region. Then, just a day later - news that Israel had bombed a Syrian facility it claimed was a nuclear reactor, being built with help from the North Koreans. The CIA sent out pictures to back this claim - and president Bush used it to put heat on the Syrians - along with their close allies, Iran. This news was held from the public for months, raising questions about "why now?"

The Syrians deny the claims - and their US Ambassador Imad Moustapha called the picture evidence "laughable."

Where We Live
spoke with Moustapha earlier this week, when he was in Connecticut as part of the Middle East Lecture Series at Central Connecticut State University.

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I was disappointed about the "interview" that you had with the Ambassador from Syria. It seemed more like he was making a speech to a large audience. None of the outrageous claims that he made were even challenged. Isn't Hezbollah on the list of terrorist groups according to the State Department. To him it wasn't. On some of his claims, he said "that's not opinion, that's fact." On issues that were the most outrageous, he just said "I won't debate that with you." The interviewer didn't even try to challenge.

You gave him an opportunity to spin reality to match his world view. He says that the Arabs are interested in Peace but Israel isn't. (What about all of the wars that the Arabs initiated?)He said that Israel is the aggressor and is the big military power. (Repeat previous. Seems like Saudi Arabia and Eqypt have purchased major military equiptment from the US in recent years. They were also supplied with a great deal from the Soviet Union. ) Fact Checker, please. You should have had someone who was up on these issues so the perspective would be more balanced. You usually have two sides of the position on the show. Did you try to find someone? Did he say he wouldn't be on if he couldn't just say what he wanted without challenge.

Do not have such a unbalanced, Anti-Israeli, propoganda loaded show again.

I sent a note to CAMERA about this show.

Susan Sackler Reuben