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Teaching the Holocaust
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Where We Live talks to experts about teaching the Holocaust in schools


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Sacred Heart University is holding a Holocaust Consortium meeting, gathering experts from all over the country to look at the state of the Holocaust curriculum in schools. Today, Where We Live talks to scholars about the Consortium, about teaching the Holocaust from a Catholic perspective, and about how the Holocaust survivor's narrative can be used as a teaching tool.

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There are a number of Scripture-literate persons out there who share the opinion that events such as the conquest of Jerusalem in 72 A. D. and the Holocaust were fulfillments of the tearful prophecy of Christ Jesus suggesting that miraculous divine intervention would not rescue them from their sorry fate when enemies "cast up an embankment about you" etc.

It is in fact astonishing how firmly entrenched against an open inquiry into what Jesus' message and the New Testament has for them, most rabbis are. People who would like to know more feel extremely inhibited in seeking God through a church service, and those who do acquaint themselves with Christian teaching typically endure extremes of ostracism etc.
All this is reminiscent of Muslim extremism as to what they will allow themselves, their children and their consociates to contemplate or refer to.

I happen to believe the world would have a more comprehensive solution to terror, to anti-Americanism, to the stability of Israel and of Judaism if folks would allow themselves to be permeated with the knowledge of God. And to allow themselves to wonder at least as to Christianity.

Julianna Winsor

The Invisible Holocaust - Ken Kelly CT

I wish to ask John and his guests why there is a complete lack of attention paid to the American Holocaust and Genocide that took the lives of approximately 10-13 million native american Indians in the 19th and early 20th centuries?
And why there should be a mandate to teach about the Jewish holocaust in Europe without including our own neglected sins.
I feel that some attention should be paid by the Jewish community as well to this sad part of our American history since they have the voice that Native americans still lack.
Thank you