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Suffield, Swing Town
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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It's a LIVE remote show from Suffield - one of the few swing towns in the state


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Today, we’re broadcasting live from the Kent Memorial Library in Suffield, Connecticut. This town of 15,000 is less than 20 miles from Hartford and only minutes from Bradley International Airport. It’s got an agricultural past – a part of the fertile “tobacco valley” – and a suburban future.

Here are the stats that bring us here less than a week before the election: Twenty-three hundred registered Democrats. Twenty-four hundred registered Republicans. Nearly four thousand unaffiliated voters. They’re represented by Republican state lawmakers, a Democratic member of Congress – and they clearly possess an independent spirit.

If this town was Suffield Ohio, or Suffield Florida, residents would be treated to pancake breakfasts with Barack Obama, and spaghetti dinners with John McCain on a regular basis. But because of Connecticut’s “solid blue” status – this “Swing Town” is ignored by the presidential campaigns.

So today, Where We Live, we’re doing our own town hall meeting in Suffield – to find out what voters are saying this election season, and how political divisions affect small town life.

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