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Super Tuesday Wrap-Up
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Analysis on the primaries, the State of the State, and the upcoming legislative session


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Hartford Courant Columnist Bill Curry: Photo By Chion WolfHartford Courant Columnist Bill Curry: Photo By Chion WolfBarack Obama beats Hillary Clinton in Connecticut - but they draw across the country...John McCain takes the state, and a commanding national lead.

So, after Super Tuesday - nothing's really decided at least for one party. And, we're faced with a very long primary campaign between the leading Democrats.

What are things we learned after the 24 state primary? What trends and issues are most important to voters? And, have we reached a new level of voter participation? At least in Connecticut, record numbers of people turned out to the polls.


Today, we'll talk with our political analysts, Bill Curry and Larry Cohen, and the Secretary of the State.

And, local politics are in the news, too. We'll preview the Governor's State of the State address.

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