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The Spirit Catches You
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Author Anne Fadiman talks about her experiences with the Hmong community


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One of the huge health care challenges for the state's Latino community is communication with health providers.  But now, magnify that barrier through the lens of massive cultural, spiritual and communications differences, and you have the situation of the Hmong people living in the US.  Last week the Hmong community around the state held their New Year Celebrations - and to talk about these continuing struggles with integration is Anne Fadiman, an author, editor and teacher.  She is Yale University’s first Francis Writer in Residence, and author of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down about an epileptic Hmong girl and her refugee family in Southern California - and their clash with the Western health care system.  While writing the book, Fadiman became immersed in Hmong culture.


Listen to the audio below for a Where We Live web special.  Producer Catie Talarski spoke with local Hmong advisor and spiritual leader Boua Tong Xiong about the community in Connecticut and their recent New Years celebration.


Interview with Boua Tong Xiong

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