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Shannon O'Brien on Romney, Clinton, Women in Politics
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Shannon O'Brien talks about women in politics


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Shannon O'BrienShannon O'BrienAs Mitt Romney continues his run for the Republican Presidential Nomination, some remember the race he nearly lost for Governor of Massachusetts.

His rival in that 2002 campaign was Democrat Shannon O'Brien - then the Massachusetts State Treasurer. O'Brien was the product of a political family - and had developed a reputation as a tough campaigner and debater.

The word "tough" - when applied to male politicians is almost universally seen as a positive. But in a woman running for tough office - it can be spun into a negative. Her campaign against Romney brought that tension to the surface - with the Republican calling some of her statements "unbecoming."

Today, where we live, we'll talk with Shannon O'Brien about her career in politics - and the dynamics of a male/female battle for political office. We'll discuss her former rival Romney and her support of New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

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