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Watching the Exit Polls
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Should you trust the exit polls results on election day?


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Across Connecticut, voters are heading to the polls in record numbers.  More than two-million registered voters, the most in history. 

This scene is being played out across the country because of the historic nature of this campaign for president.  Because tonight is expected to provide the most political drama we've ever seen we'll get you ready this morning, with some things to watch for. 

The media has come under tight scrutiny since 2000 when the Presidential election was FAR from over, but was being "called" by experts at the networks.  Now, everybody in the political world is more cautious about making "the call" for a state, or the national race, and NPR is no different.  Ron Elving is the Senior Washington Editor at NPR, who makes these decisions for the network and he joins us by phone from Washington.  We'll also talk to UCONN political science professor Howard Reiter

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