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Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Ralph Nader joins us live from Northwestern Regional School District 7


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Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader: Photo by Chion WolfPresidential Candidate Ralph Nader: Photo by Chion WolfRalph Nader has spent his career crusading against big corporate influence and the anger over Wall Street may have given him new life. It’s the third straight Presidential campaign for the consumer advocate and his impact in national polls has shrunk each time. He’s had a tough time getting on state ballots and has had no luck getting into national debates. But the news of the last few months has clearly shifted right into Nader’s wheelhouse.

A long-time opponent of what he calls “corporate welfare," his message is in line with the feelings of many voters, angry at a 700 billion dollar bailout package they think helps Wall Street more than average citizens. Today on Where We Live, a forum with Ralph Nader – live from Northwestern Regional 7 High School in Winsted, CT – Nader’s hometown.

We’ll be taking questions from students in the audience and you can join the conversation. Email [email protected] or leave your comment below.

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comment from Facebook

From Luis, "Thank you for asking the question "Where is the next Ralph Nader" I was thinking the same thing. great job!!"

email to WWL

Mr. Nader has always been an inspiration due to his willingness to speak truth to power; and to the nation. His candidacy points out we are not a two party nation despite decades of school instruction to the contrary. Every voting cycle we divide our vote between the two major parties and the country just gets worse. What would happen if each of us voted for the candidate most closely aligned with our own beliefs? It would be a revolution to shake the nation! Isn't division of the vote between the two parties and expecting a different result the definition of insanity?

Gordon Adams
Newtown, CT

nader Q

corporations as an entity seem to be accorded the same rights as an individual.  is this accurate, or is the art of unaccountability permanently installed into our national culture ?