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...As the Primaries Continue
Where We Live - with John Dankosky
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Vermont and Rhode Island hold primaries on March 4th


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Political Commentator Bill Curry: Photo By Chion WolfPolitical Commentator Bill Curry: Photo By Chion Wolf National political observers are calling Texas and Ohio the last stands for the campaign of Hillary Clinton. But New England can still be a factor.

Rhode Island and Vermont also vote tomorow - and their delegates could be very important if the race for the Democratic nomination stays tight.

Today, Where We Live, we'll preview this important - late season - Primary with our political analyst Bill Curry, and we'll talk with reporters from Vermont and Rhode Island about what voters in those states are thinking.

Connecticut can still play a large role in determining the nominee. Barack Obama beat Clinton by a narrow margain during the state's "super Tuesday" primary, but he holds a big lead in "superdelegates" from the state - prominent party members and elected officials.

We'll hear from a committed Obama "superdelegate" - the one holdout still pulling for Clinton - and one who's undecided: John Olsen of the AFL/CIO.

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Dear WwL,

I am a CT native born yankee who has lived in Fairfield Iowa for the past year. I have worked for obama since last spring. I had a chance to view both campaigns up close.

Senator Obama instructed us to respond to any twisting of facts, lies, negative spin etc, with the straight facts but never to sink to the mudslinging level of his opponents. His campaign has conducted itself head and shoulders above both the edwards and clinton campaigns (edwards brought in an "unaffilliated" lawyer who claimed to have worked in the Silkwood case to spin that Obama is PRO nuclear). Obama's basic decency and dislike of wallowing in the mud has made him stand out from the others.

Mr. Curry (Im a fan) may call his negative campaigning artful, but I would say that his pointed remarks about both clinton and edwards (who was a Big rival in IA) have been based in FACT and legitimate policy differences. How do you compare that to both Hilary and Bill twisting an insightful observation on the political skill of Ronald Reagan into "Obama is a FAN of Reagan Politics." That was an outright lie.

Kind Regards,
Dori Ahern

Currying favor?

Whither the Bill Curry of old, whose integrity caused Rowland supporters such buyer's remorse? If "Change You Can Believe In" is a negative campaign in Mr. Curry's world, then there is no longer any such thing as positive campaigning at all. I had hoped that in his role as political commentator for an NPR affiliate, Mr. Curry might impose some objectivity upon himself despite his long friendship with the Clintons. A vain hope, apparently.